Who are we?

Heckford Investments was formed in 2013. We strive on our customer service, the retention of our clients, and philanthropy. Our services offered keeps on growing, as does our exceptional client base. We work tirelessly  to ensure we provide exceptional service; wether you are a start up company, a company in need of working capital, or an investor; we provide innovative options.



This has become our primary service for our clients over the years. We are hired by Family Offices, high net worth individuals, corporations and companies to find the right companies to purchase/acquire. Given the detailed description of what they are looking for; we source companies, provide in-house analysis and due diligence as well as options to our clients. Why use this process? We cut down time on purchasing, we are fast and efficient, and we have comparable rates.


Just like search investing, our clientele base is similar for this service. Heckford Investments is always updating, networking and collaborating with other like-minded investors. Our prime area of focus is in the technology and healthcare areas, but we are no stranger to niche markets. Generally we work with companies that already turn a profit, and need working capital, but we have worked with and provided funding to pre-revenue as well. We love a challenge!

**Keep in mind with this service, we do charge a retainer. Retainer cost is based on the following: 1) How niche the market place is. 2) Financial history. 3) The amount you are trying to raise. ***


We offer different packages of consulting that are tailored to our clients needs.

Why We Are The Best Choice?

With an overwhelming amount of brokers, consultants, and investment firms in the market place, why chose us?

Benefit One

We have a great retention percentage, and we aim for multiple business interactions. The majority of investors we work with are all return customers. We are extremely transparent with our fees, we provide our professional opinion on any transaction we are working on you with, and keep you updated every step of the way. Our goal is to create a consistent and ongoing working relationship.

Benefit Two

We are patient, detailed and personable. You aren’t just “another client” or a number with us, you’re a part of us! One of our focuses is to ensure you enjoy working with us, of course. We truly value our amazing clients. Don’t believe it? Get in touch with someone today!

Benefit Three

If you are a repeat investor or serial entrepreneur, which many of our clients are, you qualify for our loyalty program. In this case, you would receive monthly emails with detailed information proceeding to your interests. Wether it may be businesses up for purchase, companies looking for capital, or investors looking in specific spaces (if you are an entrepreneur). You also get discounted rates on our fees as well.

What People Are Saying

I first heard of Heckford Investments visiting a friend from Toronto that was in a tech incubation. When I started my own venture, I decided to take a look at what they do, and what they have to offer. I spoke with someone right away, and they offered me a lot of really insightful advice on my business plan. I wasn’t sure what to expect; being a pre revenue company, but they ended up finding us an investor, negotiated terms on our behalf and made the overall process exciting. In terms of receiving our capital, they made everything effortless. Would rate 10 out of 10 and will be using them for our next capital raise.”

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Meet The Team

Ravi set up DSC as a custom chemical company the day after he graduated in 1987. Within 6 months of operation, he’d put a strategy in place to scale up from laboratory amounts to commercial volumes. He’s since led the growth of DSC, resulting in its success financially, as well as its reputation as a respected, environmentally and socially responsible producer. As CEO for overall strategy, global partnerships and innovation, DSC continues to meet the needs of global material science and fine chemical markets through innovation that’s built into every aspect of its founder’s vision. Since 2014, Ravi has been following on his commitment to transform DSC into a triple bottom line corporation by reshaping the company he founded almost 30 years ago into a “deliberately developmental organization”. The transformation will have a significant impact on the company in terms of financial growth, further commitment to environmental sustainability, and people development.

Ravi Gukathasan


Connecting enthusiastic people with winning opportunities is one of Bobby Genovese’s greatest passions, which began at age 25 when he founded his first company in his native Ontario before establishing BG Capital Group Limited and BG Capital Management Corporation, both based in Barbados, with associate management offices in the Bahamas, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, Florida, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver. Genovese also dedicates his time, energy and substantial resources to numerous philanthropic endeavors, especially those that serve children. His chairmanship of the annual Car and Boat Rally Scavenger Cups, which began in 2007, has helped raise more than $16 million for Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, Canada’s largest and most sophisticated centre for pediatric cancer research, treatment and care. “Giving back is both a privilege and a responsibility.”

Bobby Genovese


Heckford grew up in an entrepreneurial atmosphere. Coming from a long line of serial entrepreneurs, she developed an eye for great investments. Founding this business in 2013, she started the business designing business plans for University Students and was later approached to raise capital on behalf of them. From then on,  her focus was to provide excellent customer service and make capital raising effortless. Heckford spends her time networking and partnering with like minded investors, providing innovative services for all clients, and is always available for her clients when needed. Coming from a business education background, she is very knowledgeable in new age markets, cutting edge technology, and works tirelessly to negotiate on her clients behalves.

Whitney Heckford

Founder and Managing Partner