Ravi Gukathasan

Ravi set up DSC as a custom chemical company the day after he graduated in 1987. Within 6 months of operation, he’d put a strategy in place to scale up from laboratory amounts to commercial volumes. He’s since led the growth of DSC, resulting in its success financially, as well as its reputation as a respected, environmentally and socially responsible producer. As CEO for overall strategy, global partnerships and innovation, DSC continues to meet the needs of global material science and fine chemical markets through innovation that’s built into every aspect of its founder’s vision. Since 2014, Ravi has been following on his commitment to transform DSC into a triple bottom line corporation by reshaping the company he founded almost 30 years ago into a “deliberately developmental organization”. The transformation will have a significant impact on the company in terms of financial growth, further commitment to environmental sustainability, and people development.

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