We offer different packages of consulting that are tailored to our clients needs. We usually suggest that if you are using any of our consulting packages, that you begin from the ground up; starting at our current state assessment package. Of course, we are aware that every company we work with is different and requires different needs, so we constantly adapt, accommodate and mature with our clients needs as well. Our pricing is frequently based on a per hour basis, but can be negotiated as a flat fee based on bigger projects and our loyalty program.


Current State Assessment

  • Identifying strategic issues
  • Conduct an environmental scan
  • Conduct a competitive analysis
  • Identify opportunities and threats
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Customer segments
  • Develop your SWOT

Building A Plan

  • Use SWOT to set priorities
  • Define long-term strategic objectives
  • Setting organization-wide goals and measures
  • Select KPI’s
  • Cascade your strategies to operations
  • Cascading goals to departments and team members

Strategy Development 

  • Develop your mission statement
  • Discover your values
  • Casting your vision statement
  • Identify your competitive advantages
  • Crafting your organization-wide strategies

Manage Performance

  • Implementation schedule
  • Tracking goals & actions
  • Review & adapt
  • Annual updates